GLONASS/GPS monitoring

The purposes of the monitoring is the real time monitoring and evaluation of precision of the actual characteristics of the navigation field generated by the GLONASS, GPS (USA), BeiDou (China) and Galileo (European Union) systems.

Monitoring tasks:

  • Receiving of navigation signals coming from the space navigation systems (SNS) with the use of the network of monitoring stations;
  • Collecting, classification and processing of navigation data in the monitoring center;
  • Determination of the actual structure of the SNS satellites constellation, as well as of the number of operational satellites;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of navigation determinations precision;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of precision of the equivalent errors of ranging for each satellite’s navigation signals;
  • A posteriori applied tasks performing – evaluation of integrity and availability of navigation, evaluation of navigation ephemeris and time data precision, etc


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