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К. Э. Циолковский

glonass-svoevp.ru - is the real time monitoring and evaluation of precision of the actual characteristics of the navigation field generated by the GLONASS, GPS (USA), BeiDou (China) and Galileo (European Union) systems. Depth of operational data storage - six months, posterior data - 5 years

About us


Tasks solved by the Point of Metrological Control SVOEVP (PMC SVOEVP):

  • informational communication with the SVOEVP Collection, Processing and Control Center;
  • precision positioning of ephemerides and frequency-time corrections of the GLONASS, GPS, Galileo, Beidou systems;
  • monitoring the characteristics of the navigation field generated by GLONASS, GPS, Galileo, Beidou systems;
  • compliance control of the accuracy characteristics of Ephemeris Time data calculated on regular ephemeris-time support basis, and SVOEVP Ephemeris Time data of with specified requirements;
  • monitoring and maintaining the SVOEVP metrological characteristics by periodically assessing the accuracy characteristics of ephemeris and time-frequency corrections using measurement information from standard measurement tools;
  • analysis of the causes of the deterioration of the GLONASS regular ephemeris-time support accuracy; 
  • improvement and development of software, models, methodology and technologies for implementation in GLONASS regular ephemeris-time support;
  • informational interaction and reporting the results of metrological control to the SVOEVP Collection, Processing and Control Center;
  • monitoring and maintaining, at a specified level of accuracy, the parameters of mathematical models of processing measurements in SVOEVP (motion model parameters, signal propagation models in the ionosphere and troposphere, transition parameters between coordinate systems, Earth rotation parameters, etc.), providing for their periodic coordination to achieve the required accuracy characteristics of ephemeris-time data;
  • precise positioning of ground and space users;
  • control of the technological process of metrological control data calculation;
  • publication of data on the current and predicted composition and state of the orbital constellation of the GLONASS spacecrafts;
  • compilation the results of monitoring the operation of the GLONASS system.

Location: 12, Pionerskaya st, Korolev, Moscow Region, 141092, Russia.

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