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glonass-svoevp.ru - is the real time monitoring and evaluation of precision of the actual characteristics of the navigation field generated by the GLONASS, GPS (USA), BeiDou (China) and Galileo (European Union) systems. Depth of operational data storage - six months, posterior data - 5 years

SC GLONASS constellation under monitoring for a monitoring station in Korolev city

SN SC TypeLaunchingALT
RF ch.AlmanacNavigation Frame
№сGMCC"Cosmos"DateStatusDate and timeStatus
17302456Глонасс-М14.12.0910.3102.04.20Norm03.04.20   23:45Norm
27472485Глонасс-М26.04.136.9-402.04.20Norm03.04.20   23:45Norm
37442476Глонасс-М04.11.118.4502.04.20Norm03.04.20   23:45Norm
47592544Глонасс-М11.12.190.3602.04.20Norm03.04.20   17:45Norm
57562527Глонасс-М17.06.181.8102.04.20Norm03.04.20   18:45Norm
67332457Глонасс-М14.12.0910.3-402.04.20Norm03.04.20   20:15Norm
77452477Глонасс-М04.11.118.4502.04.20Norm03.04.20   21:15Norm
87432475Глонасс-М04.11.118.4602.04.20Norm03.04.20   22:45Norm
97022501Глонасс-К01.12.145.3-202.04.20Norm03.04.20   23:45Norm
107232436Глонасс-М25.12.0712.3-702.04.20Norm03.04.20   23:45Norm
117532516Глонасс-М29.05.163.8002.04.20Norm03.04.20   18:15Norm
127582534Глонасс-М27.05.190.9-102.04.20Norm03.04.20   19:15Norm
137212434Глонасс-М25.12.0712.3-202.04.20Norm03.04.20   20:45Norm
147522522Глонасс-М22.09.172.5-702.04.20Norm03.04.20   21:45Norm
157572529Глонасс-М04.11.181.4002.04.20Norm03.04.20   22:45Norm
167362464Глонасс-М02.09.109.6-102.04.20Norm03.04.20   23:45Norm
177512514Глонасс-М07.02.164.2402.04.20Norm03.04.20   23:45Norm
187542492Глонасс-М24.03.146-302.04.20Norm03.04.20   23:45Norm
197202433Глонасс-М26.10.0712.4302.04.20Norm03.04.20   14:15Norm
207192432Глонасс-М26.10.0712.4202.04.20Norm03.04.20   16:15Norm
217552500Глонасс-М14.06.145.8402.04.20Norm03.04.20   19:15Norm
227312459Глонасс-М02.03.1010.1-302.04.20Norm03.04.20   21:15Norm
237322460Глонасс-М02.03.1010.1302.04.20Norm03.04.20   23:15Norm
247352461Глонасс-М02.03.1010.1202.04.20Norm03.04.20   23:45Norm

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 141092, Russia, Moscow reg., Korolev, mkr. Yubilee, str. Pionerskaya 12
 Technical support: +7 495 221 52 37 (доб.1091)
 If you want to ask a question: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use feedback form





SVOEVP / SHPDETC is designed to improve results of the GLONASS system and its signals performance.
SVOEVP / SHPDETC provides the following information
1. Official information of the GLONASS System Control Center (SCC) on the GLONASS constellation status (.pdf) and planned changes in the system. Archive of all the changes made starting from the Launching date of the first GLONASS SC (.pdf / .jpg). Official information on the planned second correction inputs into the GLONASS time scale and the data archive (starting from «Glonass-M» SC).

2. GLONASS Digital Information (DI) collected by monitoring stations in the last 24 hours and transferred by means of navigation messages:
- system almanac transferred in signals L1, L2, L3 (SP) including the starting and stopping times of almanac replacement;
- up-to-date digital information transferred in signals L1, L2, L3 (SP);
- Earth’s rotation parameters used for calculating DI of ephemerides and formation of corresponding DI parameters in signals L1, L2, L3 (SP);
- parameters of ionosphere model included in DI and transferred via signal L3 (SP);
- time correction of GLONASS and GPS.
3. Official provision of a posteriori ephemeris and time and heliogeophysical information of GLONASS SVOEVP / SHPDETC generated for users to improve their tasks performance in a posteriori mode (quick, preliminary, final):
- a posteriori ephemeris and time information:
1) included in up-to-date DI (word length is unlimited) of GLONASS;
2) included in the tabular data, taking into consideration peculiarities of ephemeris and time information (ETI) distribution according to the GLONASS Interface Control Document (ICD);
3) included in the tabular data in formats and structure accepted in the IGS analysis centers;
- a posteriori time information:
1) included in the tabular data, taking into consideration peculiarities of the time data distribution in the GLONASS ICD DI;
2) included in the tabular data in formats and structure accepted in the IGS analysis centers;
- a posteriori heliogeophysical information:
a) параметров для учёта рефракции в ионосфере:
1) parameters for enumeration of refraction in the ionosphere;
2) included in the tabular data in formats and structure accepted in the IGS analysis centers;
b) parameters for enumeration of refraction in the troposphere in formats and structure accepted in the IGS analysis centers;
c) actual solar activity indexes;
d) a posteriori parameters of Earth’s rotation.
4. Official provision of stations catalogue PZ-90.02 and measurements provided for them for distribution of State Geocentric Reference Frame (SGRF) PZ-90.02.

5. Provision of services for users:
a) time calculation included in the GLONASS DI;
b) time calculation included in the GPS DI;
c) provision of the archive of measurements processed in SVOEVP / SHPDETC.
6. Provision of services for accredited and real users:
a) GLONASS status update information in the form of bulletins (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly);
b) determination of calibration data (upon provision of the measuring data by a user);
c) provision of the GLONASS long-time data for support of assisting technologies:
- long-time almanac, lasting up to 90 days, included in the GLONASS DI;
- long-time up-to-date information, lasting up to 10 days, included in the GLONASS DI.
d) calculation of user's coordinates in PZ-90.02 (upon provision of information by the user).
e) sample programs (С- and Fortran-based), for both commercial and non-commercial use upon GLONASS data processing.
f) monitoring results of SGRF PZ-90.02 transfer by ephemerides:
- direct collation of the on-board ephemerides with a posteriori data of PZ-90.02;
- use of laser ranging data in stations coordinates;
- matrix of ephemerides conversion between GLONASS and GPS.
g) monitoring results of UTC (SU) scale transfer by the time field
- UTC (SU) position in relation to UTC;
- tauS;
- difference of the system time scales (STS) of GLONASS and GPS.
7. Real-time provision of the data of up-to-date monitoring of the GLONASS and GPS navigation fields.

8. Results of GLONASS and GPS DI monitoring by the methods accepted in GLONASS.

9. Results of SVOEVP / SHPDETC a posteriori data monitoring with the use of the laser ranging data.

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